Our story (in broad strokes)

How it all began…

We met in 2015 – when we were still making math videos – and have stayed in touch.

2016 Christian had a phase in the fall and winter, in which he had to spend a lot of time with coughs, colds, sore throats. During a phone call, we talked for the first time about yoga – more precisely about the neck stand – for (or better against) sore throat and then also came to breathing exercises and Wim Hof.

And then in the fall of 2016, we started our “journey into the cold” together and did Wim’s classic 10-week course together.


… the meantime…

After that, we tried a lot of things in the setup of our cold bath systems.

– In the process, Olaf wore out a used freezer, burst a wide variety of vessels for making ice, tried out several pool pumps and three different “ice barrels,” and always needed at least 30 minutes to prepare a bath, carrying pots, beating ice, and stirring water. Buying ice in plastic bags never crossed his mind.

– Christian had from the beginning his big favorite wooden barrel with 400 l, and started his ice production with Tupper in the refrigerator. In the meantime, he also bought a freezer to bathe directly in it. But that just did not give him the “nature feeling”.


… Present and future

In 2021, Christian had a yearning for a change. A cool bath, so the thesis, must be easier to produce. And then again such a phone call between Christian and Olaf and the idea for the ColdWaterBox was born pretty quickly.


If we weren’t ice bathers, we’d certainly be raising a company that was solely about maximizing profits.

But because we are just convinced freaks and by the ice bathing changed travelers around the sun, we are now in the sense of a stable and transparent business model with as much benefit as possible on the part of those who want to become healthier, more stress-resistant and happier with the ColdWaterBox.