We no longer need to explain to you that ice bathing is is healthy – you probably already have your routines. The ColdWaterBox you put it in a place of your choice, hang two hoses in a big water tank and press the start button: easy, fast, cheap!.

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Length: 41 cm, width: 60 cm, height: 57 cm,

Weight 47 kg

The ColdWaterBox has sturdy handles and stands on smooth-running casters, so it can be moved easily.

3-15 °C

The time it takes your ColdWaterBox to make you an ice bath depends on a few factors, such as sunlight, ambient temperature, initial temperature of the water, and the amount of water.

Two examples:

With a water volume of 212 l (which is 30 l more than the water volume for a full bath in the bathtub) and an outside temperature of 21°C, with an initial water temperature of 17°C, 2.9°C was reached in 87 minutes.
If you start at 11°C water temperature, you will reach 5°C in about 30 min.
This causes the water temperature to drop by about 1°C in 6 minutes.


With a water volume of 400 l and an ambient temperature of 19°C, initial water temperature 15°C without sunlight (bathroom) we reached 5.8°C in 80 minutes.
This means that the water temperature drops by about 1°C in 9 minutes for this amount of water.


1980 W per operating hour

The ColdWaterBox sucks the water from your bathtub and before the water reaches the cooling process, it is disinfected with UV light.

To connect your ColdWaterBox to your bathtub, simply screw the two included hoses to the box and hang the hoses in the tub.

Easy to install and operate

The ColdWaterBox is as easy to install as a garden hose, and cooling is as simple as can be: turn it on and select the temperature.

Time saving ice bathing

While the ColdWaterBox is cooling your bath water, you can occupy yourself with other things – play with your kids, meditate, breathe, work – and when you’re done, off to the cool bath!


The ColdWaterBox cools your bath water down to 3°C – if you want it to.

If not, you simply set a different temperature and you stop the cooling process when the water is cold enough for you.

Powerful pump

The water is circulated by a powerful pump during the cooling process and disinfected by UV light.

Christian Hotop

  • likes small and big adventures around nature
  • loves his wife and two children
  • Cold baths keep him alive since 2016

Olaf Hinrichsen

  • German champion (AK 40) in ice swimming
  • Loves his wife and three children
  • icebathes passionately since 2016

Christian Hotop

  • likes small and big adventures around nature
  • loves his wife and two children
  • Cold baths keep him alive since 2016

Olaf Hinrichsen

  • German champion (AK 40) in ice swimming
  • Loves his wife and three children
  • icebathes passionately since 2016

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Die ColdWaterBox Sammelbestellung

Die ColdWaterBox ist ein zauberhaft einfaches Produkt:

  • Die ColdWaterBox ist kompatibel mit Deiner Badewanne / Badezuber / Regenfass und verwandelt sie in kürzester Zeit in Dein Eisbad.
    Für den Gebrauch drinnen und draußen im Temperaturbereich von 3-45 °C geeignet.
  • Die ColdWaterBox kühlt Dein Badewasser auf Knopfdruck innerhalb von einer Stunde auf bis zu 3°C ab.
    Füll Deine Wanne mit Wasser, wähle Deine Temperatur (von 15°C bis 3°C) und alles ist vorbereitet.
  • Die ColdWaterBox desinfiziert Dein Badewasser mit UV-Licht.
    Deine ColdWaterBox ist damit eine bessere Wahl zu einer Gefriertruhe.

Lieferumfang: ColdWaterbox, Schläuche und Anschlussmaterial
Lieferzeit: Abhängig von deinem Wohnort – Kunden in Deutschland können mit einer Lieferzeit von ca. 14 Tagen rechnen. Wohnst du in einem anderen Land der EU kann es entsprechend 3 bis 6 Tage länger dauern.

4.500,00  incl. VAT

The reason the ColdWaterBox can be offered at a competitive price is because customers order a larger quantity from us as a group. The collective order phase will run until 10 pre-orders are received or 60 days at the longest. If you order your box within this time frame, it will arrive approximately 40 days after you complete your order.

Frequently asked questions

How secure is my payment with the collective order?

Very secure! You can only pay for your ColdWaterBox with paypal because paypal gives you a 180 day money back guarantee if we don’t deliver.

How does the collective order work?

The collective order works like a normal order.

You put the product in the shopping cart, pay and when the pre-order phase is over, we order. This saves transport and storage costs.

Do I need anything extra to connect?

No, everything is included so you can get started right away.

In very rare cases, you may need a hose holder. In that case just contact us and we will help you.

Why do you offer the ColdWaterBox only as a collective order?

We want the ColdWaterBox to be ready for use with you as soon as possible.
Basically, we would have had two options: write business plan, convince backers, take loan, order ColdWaterBox in stock, start selling.
That was too slow for us.
That’s why we decided for the collective order – so you are our king (customer) and our investor at the same time.

I am still unsure and would like to try the ColdWaterBox - is that possible?-.

Yes, you can!
Either drop by Christian’s or Olaf’s and take a test bath – or check out the ColdWaterBox at a seminar by Josephine Worseck!